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animal stories

發言人:BMIC, on May/22/2018    06:56:15 (IP code: X.X.91.175)
 不久以前整理家中的一些書籍, 打開一箱又一箱的小孩子二三十年前的書, 忽然看到有關animal stories 的書,就停下來看這些有趣的書, 有一些寓言式的文章, 我這種年紀讀起來還會會心的笑

記憶中是在高中時, 當時看完1966 的溫布萊敦世界盃的電影, 之後好似有一片動物奇觀集錦的電影, 多可憐, 那個年代看那樣的紀錄片是何等的驚訝動物世界


youtube 多道你看不完

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真善美, 荒野大鏢客, 黃昏雙鏢客, 烈日雙鏢客, 江湖奇士, 都是在高中時看的, 好像還有月落大地....

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The Hare And The Tortoise
Animal Stories - The Hare And The Tortoise

Tired of the bragging of a speedy hare, a tortoise challenges it to a race. The overconfident hare accepts the competition and runs as fast as it can after the race begins. Soon it gets tired and decides to rest, thinking that there’s plenty of time to relax before tortoise can catch up with it. Meanwhile, the tortoise continues to walk slowly, until it reaches the finish line. The overslept hare wakes up, only to be shocked that a slow moving tortoise beat it in the race.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

沒有讀過這個故事的, 也該聽過!!

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(好像民進黨跟柯文哲打架! 民進黨支持者認為這個架值得打)

The Two Goats

Animal Stories - The Two Goats

One day, two goats try to cross a weak and narrow bridge across the river. The goats are at either end of the bridge, but neither is ready to make way for the other. They come to the centre of the bridge and begin fighting about who should cross first. As they fight mindlessly, the bridge gives in, taking both the goats down into the river with it.

Moral: It is better to yield than to come to misfortune through stubbornness.

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支那人對民主的概念亂批評, 說減肥的人也有看菜單的權利


The Fox And The Grapes

Animal Stories - The Fox And The Grapes

On a hot summer day, a fox comes upon an orchard and sees a bunch of ripened grapes. It thinks: “Just what I need to quench my thirst.” It moves back a few paces, runs, and jumps but falls short of reaching the grapes. It tries in different ways to reach the bunch of grapes, but in vain. It finally gives up, and says to himself “I am sure they are sour anyway.”

Moral: It is easy to despise what you cannot get your hands on.

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 當人家稱讚你時, 你要擔心些


The Fox And The Crow
Animal Stories - The Fox And The Crow

Image: iStock

A fox sees a crow carrying a piece of cheese to a tree top. It decides to get the cheese for himself. It goes to the tree and starts praising the crow that it can sing better than a cuckoo. Hearing this, the crow beams with pride, and tries to sing. The piece of cheese falls to the ground as it opens its mouth to sing. The fox picks up the piece and runs away.

Moral: Do not trust flatterers.

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The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Animal Stories - The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

A wolf was having a tough time getting hold of sheep for meal. It decides to attack them discreetly by dressing itself in sheepskin. Soon, it starts leading the sheep one-by-one to a corner and eats them all.

Moral: Appearances are deceptive.
23. The Fox And The Crow

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 討海大大, new pool 晚安 

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(我沒有那麼厲害!! 我知道自己的斤兩, 九十公斤不到的人不重, 所以不威!)

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 今天開這欄是因為我熊熊想到同樣的動物的故事, 在小學時常聽老師說給我們聽!




Two Cats And A Monkey
Animal Stories - Two Cats And A Monkey

Image: MomJunction

After a feast, two cats see a piece of cake and start fighting for it. A monkey sees this as an opportunity for gain and offers to help them. The monkey divides the cake into two parts but shakes its head saying they are unequal. He takes a bite of one piece and then the other, but still finds them unequal. He continues doing so until there is no more cake left, leaving the poor little cats disappointed.

Moral: When you quarrel amongst yourselves, someone else gains from it.

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猴子的戰術是把蛋糕切成兩份, 藉口兩邊大小不一, 先往大邊咬一大口, 結果兩邊大小又不一樣, 它就對大邊的又大咬一口, 如此往復幾次, 剩下兩小片給兩隻貓咪

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 柯文哲的戰術會是先往強的這邊踢一腳, 看哪一邊強了一些, 又往強的一邊踩

但是, 最後後猛打最弱的....

(不過, 他會是最弱的嗎? 我不知道! 要等時間來證明)

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(IQ 157 絕對不是笨蛋?! )



Animal Stories - An Ass In Lion's Skin

Image: MomJunction

This is another collection of short stories having animal characters. One day, an ass chanced upon a lion’s skin that the hunters left to dry. He put it on and walked towards the jungle, giving animals and people a fright on its way. The ass was very proud of itself that day and brayed loudly in delight. Immediately, everyone knew that it was an ass in lion’s skin. They gave it a good beating for frightening them. The fox then walks up to the injured donkey and says: “I knew it was you by your voice.”

Moral: Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words disclose a fool.

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 The Crow And The Pitcher
Animal Stories - The Crow And The Pitcher

Image: Shutterstock

One day, a crow was very thirsty and found a pitcher with little water in it. It couldn’t reach the water with its beak. After a little thought, the crow came up with an idea. It picked up a few stones one at a time and put them in the pitcher, until the water came up. He happily drank the water and flew away.

Moral: Little-by-little does the trick.



您想喝水, 繞在一個裝了沒有很多水的 Erlenmeyer flask, 學烏鴉一下

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回信 發言人:Golden, on May/22/2018    08:14:18 (IP code: X.X.46.31)
 Do you have problem to communicate with animals? Ask PLAN for help, but PLAN can only communicate with animals, you may not understand what he says (Most of time, he talks to himself with nonsense). 

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 >>柯文哲的戰術會是先往強的這邊踢一腳, 看哪一邊強了一些, 又往強的一邊踩

>>但是, 最後後猛打最弱的....

>>(不過, 他會是最弱的嗎? 我不知道! 要等時間來證明)

民進黨的支持者在賭氣, 賭輸了整個民進黨.


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You suggested me to ask PLAN to learn how to communicate with animal.

But, you also said he can only communicate with animals.

I am a human being.

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 The Fox And The Goat

Animal Stories - The Fox And The Goat

Walking alone in the forest, an unlucky fox falls into a well one day. Unable to get out, he waits for help. A passing goat sees the fox and asks him why he is in the well. The cunning fox responds, “there is going to be a great drought, and I am here to make sure I have water.” The gullible goat believes this and jumps into the well. The fox swiftly jumps on the goat and uses its horns to reach the top, leaving the goat in the well.

Moral: Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.




我一開始考慮很久要不要貼出, 不想火上加油


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 CSRI 大大



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 WELL , 還要想一下, WELL 也是水井.



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回信 發言人:Cobra, on May/22/2018    10:58:47 (IP code: X.X.253.79)
 I suppose Google can do the translation job very well - an AI (animal intelligence) plan for the PLAN!!  

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PLAN understands what you ask him (how to communicate with animals), but you may not understand his answer, you just need copy his answer and use it to talk to animals.

PLAN will come to read this, he enjoys us making fun on him.

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 >>>> 原來耳聾變大麥克了~🤣🤣

或許也是大麥克風? (我一向是大嘴巴)

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(討海大大的故事真是令人回味, 他的老師台客桑應該更厲害, 可惜惜字如金)

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