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發言人:Coelacanth, on Oct/12/2017    10:22:51 (IP code: X.X.119.107)
Iraqi court issues arrest warrants for Kurds

An Iraqi court has issued arrest warrants for the members of the Kurdish electoral commission that organized last month's independence referendum.

The Kurdish regional government unilaterally conducted the referendum on September 25th, despite objections from Iraq's central government as well as neighboring Turkey and Iran, and the United States.

The majority of voters supported the independence of the Kurdish autonomous region from Iraq in the poll.

The regional government says it wants to proceed with negotiations with the central government for independence, based on the referendum. But the government in Baghdad regards the referendum as invalid.

A Baghdad court on Wednesday issued arrest warrants for the chairman of the Kurdish region's electoral commission and his 2 aides. The court says it issued the warrants at the request of the central government.

It says the 3 members have violated the supreme court ruling that ordered the referendum to be canceled on the grounds that it was unconstitutional and therefore invalid.

It is unclear how the central government would carry out the warrants. But their issuance is expected to increase the rift between the central government and the Kurdish autonomous authorities.

The central government has already put pressure on the Kurdish authorities, banning international flights to and from the autonomous region.










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回信 發言人:Coelacanth, on Oct/12/2017    10:23:45 (IP code: X.X.119.107)
Spain demands clarity from Catalonia

The Spanish prime minister has demanded that the leader of Catalonia clarify by next Monday whether he declared independence from Spain.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont on Tuesday told the regional parliament that the region had won the right to be independent as a result of the landslide victory in the October 1st referendum.

But he said he will put off declaring independence for several weeks to seek negotiations with Madrid.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent a letter to the Catalan to confirm by October 16th whether he has declared independence.

Rajoy at the same time warned that should Catalonia fail to back down on its independence bid by October 19th, the central government will assert hardline positions if deemed necessary. The measures would include rescinding the region's autonomy.

Appeals for an end to the situation are growing at home and abroad, heaping pressure on the Catalan government.

In Catalonia's capital, Barcelona, public opinion on Puigdemont's speech on Tuesday remains divided.

A 22-year old student who supports independence expressed hope for dialogue to resolve the longstanding issue while fostering friendly ties with Spain.

A woman in her 80s who opposes independence called the referendum illegal and nothing but a farce.

A man in his 50s expressed concern that the ongoing standoff between Catalonia and Spain will have a negative impact on the economy in the long run. The man said he is doing much business in Spain and sales may drop if the current situation continues.



加泰羅尼亞領導人卡爾斯·普吉德蒙特(Carles Puigdemont)星期二告訴區議會,該地區由於10月1日全民投票的壓倒性勝利,贏得了獨立的權利。









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回信 發言人:Coelacanth, on Oct/12/2017    10:24:28 (IP code: X.X.119.107)
Hong Kong chief warns against independence

Hong Kong's new leader has warned against a push for independence. Chief Executive Carrie Lam made her first policy speech on Wednesday.

In her speech, Lam said that everyone who loves Hong Kong has the responsibility to say "no" to any attempt to threaten China's sovereignty, security and development.

Lam stressed the importance of Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy granted by China under the so-called "One Country, Two Systems" framework.

She also said people must nurture the next generation to have a sense of national identity and love for Hong Kong. This is seen as a facet of her desire to make patriotic education compulsory in schools -- something the Chinese government emphasizes.

In Hong Kong, concerns are increasing over a heightened clampdown on pro-democracy activities. Protesters marched earlier this month calling for more democracy and greater freedom of speech.

香港領導人發出警告 反對獨立




她還表示,人們必須培育下一代對國家的認同感和對香港的熱愛。這被認為是她希望在學校中實行義務教育的願望 - 中國政府也強調這一點。


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回信 發言人:Coelacanth, on Oct/12/2017    10:25:11 (IP code: X.X.119.107)
Japan, US conducting joint drill off Okinawa

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force says it has been carrying out a drill with the US Navy in the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa.

SDF officials made the announcement on Wednesday.

They say the exercise began on Saturday, the day after the USS Ronald Reagan left Hong Kong, where it made a port call.

The nuclear-powered US vessel is based in Yokosuka, near Tokyo. The Japanese destroyer Shimakaze is also taking part in the drill.

A photo taken on Monday shows the Shimakaze sailing behind the US carrier.

The carrier may later head north to conduct an exercise with the South Korean military.

Last month, South Korea's Defense Ministry said that a US aircraft carrier would be deployed off the Korean Peninsula in October.

The US military stationed aircraft carriers near the Korean Peninsula for more than a month from the end of April in response to North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.




他們說星期六,美國羅納德·裡根(Ronald Reagan)離港後的那一天,演習行動就開始了。



航母將來可能向北方前進 與韓國軍方進行聯合演習。


四月底至今 美軍航母在駐紮在朝鮮半島附近近一個多月 這是為回應北韓發展核武器和彈道導彈。Coelacanth

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回信 發言人:Coelacanth, on Oct/12/2017    10:25:51 (IP code: X.X.119.107)
Nuclear fuel recycling plant screening suspended

Japan's nuclear regulator says the operator of a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in northern Japan has violated safety regulations.

The plant in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture, is run by Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority said at a meeting on Wednesday that the company violated its in-house safety regulations.

In August, rainwater was found to have flowed from piping in an underground tunnel into a building housing an emergency power generator at the plant. The firm was later found not to have conducted necessary inspections of the tunnel for 14 years.

At Wednesday's meeting, company president Kenji Kudo pledged to address this and other maintenance problems before submitting documents needed for the regulator to conduct safety screening of the plant.

NRA member Satoru Tanaka pointed out that superficial efforts cannot fix the problems because the matter has to do with business operations. He suggested that the company should have a sense of crisis, and warned of tough measures unless safety improves.

The company aims to confirm the safety of all installations at the plant and draw up a management plan this year. Safety screening is required before the plant can fully operate.

Japan Nuclear Fuel appears to face difficulty in completing work on the plant by the first half of fiscal 2018 as planned. The facility is a pillar of the government's nuclear fuel recycling program.

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在周三的會議上,公司總裁Kenji Kudo承諾在提交監管機構對工廠進行安全檢查所需的文件之前解決這一問題和其他維護問題。

NRA會員Satoru Tanaka指出,表面上的努力不能解決問題,因為這事與業務運行有關。他建議公司應該有危機感,除非安全有所改善,否則警告要採取強硬措施。



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已經不能回頭 未來的門漸漸開啟


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回信 發言人:Coelacanth, on Oct/12/2017    10:55:23 (IP code: X.X.119.107)
Sturgeon suggests second Scottish referendum

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that she has not given up on her plan to hold a second independence referendum.

Sturgeon, who leads the Scottish National Party, made the comment at a party conference on Tuesday.

She said Scots should be able to choose their own future when the terms of Brexit become clear, and that her party has a mandate to give the people that choice.

She said British Prime Minister Theresa May is rapidly losing steam, and that her negotiations with the EU are in chaos.

Sturgeon has from the start opposed the British government's decision to leave the EU, and proposed in March the holding of a fresh independence referendum in the fall.

But she was forced to review the plan after losing many seats in the June elections.

Sturgeon did not mention when she intended to hold the next referendum. Local media say she will likely watch closely how the Brexit negotiations play out, as well as trends in public opinion, until the next Scottish Parliament elections in 2021.


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蘇格蘭第一秘書長儒略克(Nicola Sturgeon)表示,她沒有放棄她舉行第二次獨立公投的計劃。






她沒有提到她何時打算舉行下一次全民投票 當地媒體說,直到2021年的下一屆蘇格蘭議會選舉前 她可能會密切關注英國脫歐談判如何展開,以及輿論的趨勢,。

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回信 發言人:temo, on Oct/12/2017    12:00:01 (IP code: X.X.199.91)

誰逮誰 還不曉得哩! 庫德族 十分善戰.

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回信 發言人:temo, on Oct/12/2017    12:01:56 (IP code: X.X.199.91)
好像沒聽 加泰人支持台灣獨立, 或庫德族獨立.

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回信 發言人:temo, on Oct/12/2017    12:16:51 (IP code: X.X.199.91)
全球欲獨立的民族應該團結起來, 相互承認, 聲援, 組成自己的聯合國.

蘇格蘭, 魁北克, 加泰, 福爾摩沙, 庫德, 南蒙, 香港, 圖博, 東土耳其, 族繁... ^^

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